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Podium Projects

beutler plumbing, podium specialistsWe specialize in design build for high-density podium style construction. Our experienced and dedicated project managers and site supervisors are highly skilled and trained in this type of construction. Beutler Corporation’s staff is well versed in the challenges associated with this type of project.

Podium Specialists

podium projectsFour and five story buildings on a concrete parking structure require very experienced and dedicated project managers and site supervisors.

Cost-effective, code-compliant and sustainable, mid-rise wood construction is gaining the attention of design professionals nationwide, who see it as a way to achieve higher density housing at lower cost basis. Multi-family housing was one of the first market segments to rebound from the recession—because it’s more affordable than single-family housing while offering advantages such as less upkeep and, in most cases, closer proximity to amenities. Beutler Corporation specializes in this type building occupancies that range from business and mercantile to multi-family, military, senior, student and affordable housing.

Podium Projects

beutler plumbing, podium specialistsThe following is a list of podium apartment projects in progress by Beutler Corporation:

  • First Street, Los Altos, CA – [ 20 Units / Apt]
  • Lyons Den, Berkley, CA - [46 Units / Podium / Student Housing]
  • Morrison Park Apartments, San Jose, CA - [250 Units / Podium]
  • Race Street, Los Gatos, CA – [ 386 Units / Podium]